Stop Being Fleeced By Your Bank, File Your Claim Today

If you have often been left wondering as to where all the money just keeps disappearing from your bank account, then the first thing you need to do is pull out some of your old bank statements and have a look at all the entries, especially the ones that might be listed under the debit (Dr.) category. When you do this, what you are most likely to notice is that there are several entries that have nothing to do with your cash withdrawals, purchases, EMI’s, insurance premiums or for that matter entries that seem completely alien to you. Each of these mysterious (Dr.) entries may be relatively small, but when you add these up, you will realize that they make a significant percentage of your overall Debit transactions.

So, why are these entries there in my bank statement when I don’t have anything to do with them? Well, the answer is simply that banks have a business to run and make profits. As such you can bet that they will not shy away from making the most of every earning opportunity that comes their way. Your bank statement may not have detailed information about these entries, but you can rest assured that what they basically represent is nothing but the Greed of these banks to earn more and more profits.

Now that you know, it’s likely that you would want to find remedial measures that might be available. However, I don’t think that you will be able to make much of a difference as of now simply because what these banks are doing is not at all illegal. Account holders may have filed thousands of cases pertaining to bank overcharges, but since the rules and regulations as related to bank charges are still not definitive, claims of account holders just seems to be piling up in the courts without showing any major signs of improvement.

However, that should not prevent you from filing your own claim because change is the only constant and you never know when circumstances might change in favour of account holders. The piled up cases are like an explosives dump ground and all that is needed is a single victory that will act as the spark, putting an end to the ever-growing greed of these banking behemoths. So, I would recommend that you file your claim with your bank today .