Look Out For PPI Rates While Assessing Motor Finance Options

Getting a car loan is  normally not a problem in UK, it is  however recommend that you be a bit more careful while filing your loan applications. Motor finance companies will certainly try to lure you through catchy advertisements in newspapers and magazines, I would  suggest is that you  treat  these with caution. Instead contact lenders directly, tell them your needs and requirements, and  ask them to make an offer. This method  may work in your favour because lenders have a business to run and its unlikely that they will risk losing a customer. In effect, this method  may help you in extracting the most competitive rates and also the most favourable terms and conditions from lenders.

While assessing motor finance options, the first thing you need to do is look out for PPI. Short for Payment Protection Insurance, PPI is the amount you pay to cover the lenders risks that might arise when you fail to make your monthly repayments due to unforeseen factors such as sickness, unemployment, or accident. You too stand to gain by taking a PPI because in any of the above-mentioned scenarios, it then becomes the responsibility of the insurer to take care of your monthly payment commitments. You are thus saved from the prospect of being declared a defaulter.

As you can see there is nothing wrong as such with PPI, but the problem arises because  some lenders charge a lot more than what it actually costs to take out a payment protection insurance. They actually make a profit out of PPI, even when they know quite well that it is something that should always be made available. This shows how profit  orientated most lending companies really are and proves that they  need addition product sales such as PPI.

To get to the most competitive motor finance deals  I suggest you go online and contact as many lenders as possible. This way, you will be able to scan all the offers that might be available and in the shortest time possible. After this, you just have to take your pick based on your specific needs and requirements. You can then cruise along in your dream car without  any worries .