Credit Card Claims

FACT! – If Your Credit Card Contract Was Issued Before The ‘1st April 2007′ You May Be Able Claim To Cancel Your Card & ANY Outstanding Balance On It!

If the contract which you signed when your credit card was issued is found to be flawed or unenforceable, here’s what you may be able to claim for…

#You may be able to claim interest paid on any oustanding balances
# You may be able to claim the repayments you have made
# You may be able to claim to clear the outstanding balance on the card

The credit card claim is a simple 6 step procedure

Step 1: Let us know about your current credit cards

Complete a client review form online or with one of our representatives. This is a very simple process of informing us of the credit cards which you currently have. There is absolutely no financial commitment required at this point.

Step 2: We assess the possibility of a successful claim for each credit card you submit

Each product submitted will be assessed and given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ status.
Yes – If the claim assessment returns a ‘Yes’ status then we believe there is a good chance of a claim. There is no minimum level of claim.
No – If the claim assessment returns a ‘No’ status we will not progress with the case.

Step 3: Inform us of how many claims to pursue

After assessing the credit cards for a potential successful claim you can let us know how many you wish to pursue.

For each claim to be pursued you will need to:

Read Our Terms– Read and understand our terms and conditions
Sign– Sign our Client Agreement
Provide A Cheque– Provide a £10 cheque payable to each credit card company for the release of documents will be required
Fees For Existing Clients– Clients progressing with a mortgage, secured loan, motor finance or credit card review are entitled to the discounted rate of £125 (per credit card product review).
Fees For New Clients– Clients who are not progressing with a mortgage, secured loan or motor finance review will be charged a review fee of £495 for the first credit card review. Review fees for credit card product reviews are non-refundable outside of the cooling off period. Read full T&Cs

Step 4: Acting on your behalf, we formally request the relevant documents and paperwork from the lender

Our in-house team will contact the lender and request they release all the relevant documentation under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Once released and in our possession, your case will be passed to a legal firm who will pursue the claim on your behalf. Please note, as with all claims, there are no guarantees of success.

Step 5: We arrange for legal representation to pursue your claim

We arrange for legal representation to prepare and pursue your case. You will not pay any fees or costs to either solicitors or auditors to progress your claim.

We will attempt, where possible, to:
Claim back interest charges
Claim back repayments made
Cancel the card and clear any outstanding balance on the card

There are no further charges if your case is unsuccessful.

Step 6: Payment is made to you, less successful claims fees.

Successful claim fees of £250 plus 30% of the total of the above (see T&Cs) will be payable.

If you do decide to lodge a credit card claim, here is some important information to consider…

It is highly recommended that if you proceed with a credit card claim you should:

Make no further purchases using the card– Do not increase the balance any further on the card
Do not incur any arrears– Make sure that you keep up repayments

If you do not take the above into consideration, it may adversely affect your credit card claim and be detrimental to the level of compensation